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Now living in Hong Kong since 2010, with more than 20 years spent in Asia, I've been enjoying photography since my earliest age, having discovered with my grand-father the technics of shooting and the sheer magic of Black & White processing in the darkroom.

Addict to travels, having been fortunate to cross through Siberia and China in the early 80s, I've always been moved by a personal curiosity to discover different places and people, for trying to grab a glimpse of their spirit and memories.

Photography has a unique power to generate emotion by fixing a signifying trace of the instant. 

No staged photo. 
No philosophy. 
Just a piece of glass


Moscow 2009 : international photographers exhibition in Vinzavod

Hong Kong 2017: exhibition "Point of View" in Gallery Puerta Roja, organized in support of Hong Kong Cancer Fondation

Hong Kong French May 2018: exhibition  "Resonances", Visual Arts Center

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